Adult guardianship is a court action in which an individual asks the court to grant him or her authority to handle the medical and/or financial affairs of someone who is (or has become) unable to handle such matters for himself or herself.  This typically arises when the disabled person has not executed a Power of Attorney or an Advance Directive which would have enabled a trusted relative or friend to act on his or her behalf in the event of disability.  The process can be complicated, emotionally charged, and challenging for families. There are often serious health care issues as well as property management issues and issues with Medicare and/or Medicaid.  Families need good, solid advice and guidance in navigating the complex process.

The attorneys at McCann Law have the knowledge, training and experience to counsel and advise clients should these issues arise, and to represent them in court in the event it is necessary to file an adult guardianship case.  We want our clients to be informed about the process and prepared to present their case to the Court.  We remain current with the pertinent areas of law so that we can provide our clients with the latest information and advice.  We understand the nature of these sensitive issues and provide our clients with competent, caring representation should it be necessary to file a guardianship case.



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